How to Watch State of Origin Live Stream 2020 Online

Watch State of Origin Live Stream 2020 Online

Watch State of Origin Live Stream 2020 Online

Do you want to watch the State of Origin all three matches? While it can be difficult to travel to all three stadiums, you can just watch the matches while at home. The first way to use is satellite or cable TV with channel 9 or sky sport. You can watch State of Origin live stream Games 1, 2, and 3 with cable and also without cable on Hulu Live Sports. Click the below link to watch the state of origin live stream online for free. 


In last year’s event, the New Wales Blues were the winners. They managed to win two of three games. They won the first two games consecutively, and Queensland won the last game to make it 2-1.

The second way that you can use to access all the events of this league is to go online. There are many online TVs that can grant you access to Sky sport or channel. These channels include Hulu TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV among other channels. Even if you have a geographical limit you can use VPN and watch the match like any other person.

2020 State of Origin fixtures

FixtureVenueTime (AEDT)Live Stream
Game 1 – Wednesday, November 4
Queensland 18 def. NSW 14Adelaide Oval8:15 pm Watch Live
Game 2 – Wednesday, November 11
NSW vs QueenslandANZ Stadium8:15 pm Watch Live
Women’s game – Friday, November 13
Queensland vs NSWSunshine Coast StadiumTBC Watch Live
Game 3 – Wednesday, November 18
Queensland vs NSWSuncorp Stadium8:15 pm Watch Live

How to Watch State of Origin Live Stream 2020 Online

As we said before, the State of Origin is usually two teams that playback to back three times. The teams are NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons.

Known as Blues for their blue jerseys, they are one of the two teams that play State of Origin tournament. They are the winners of the last year’s competition. Moreover, they hold the highest number of wins.

About Queensland Maroons

From the name, they represent the state of Queensland in the State of Origin matches. They are known as Maroons from the color of jerseys they usually wear.

What is the State Of Origin?

Do you know what the State of Origin is? In layman’s language, the State of Origin is the country from which the product or service originates. However, in our context, the State of Origin refers to one of the best rugby leagues in Australia that has restrictive rules not seen in other rugby leagues; thus the name State of Origin.

In this league, there are usually three gameplays. This league in Australia has many fans.

When is the State Of Origin?

Do you want to know the dates for this event? Well, this year’s State of Origin will kick off on the 5th of June followed by the 23rd of June and 10th of July respectfully.

Where will the State of Origin 2020 be held?

The event is in three matches. The first match will be at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. The second game will be at the Optus stadium while the final game will be at the New South Wales, Sydney.

What time will the State Of Origin kick-off?

To ensure that you don’t miss any event of the State of Origin, first, you have to know the kick-off times for all three games. The first game will kick off at 8 VPN, the second game will start at 6 PM, and the third game will begin at 8 PM.

These are all local time, so you have to convert into your local time using Green meridian time.

State of Origin 2020 Fixture

If you are a rugby fan, I am very sure you are keen to know the fixture for this year’s State of Origin. The Good news is that the National Rugby League (NRL) has confirmed the state of origin fixtures. They have made it clear about the date, venue, and time for each game.

To give you a summary here are the briefs about the State of Origin Game 1, 2, and 3.


The first game of this year’s State of Origin tournament will be on Wednesday 5th June between NSW vs QLD. it is confirmed by NRL that it will take place at the Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. It is also confirmed that it will kick off at 8 PM local time. However, this may differ depending on your geographic location and how far or near, from the Greenwich meridian.


The second game will be on 23rd June, which will be on Sunday. It will be at the Optus stadium. Don’t worry about the Sunday service, as the game will kick off at 6:00 PM. At this time, you have some opportunity to do other Sunday activities and then set to watch the NSW vs QLD live game.


The last game between Blues vs Maroons will be on 10th July and will be played at the Home bush stadium in Sydney. the New South Wales vs Queensland Maroons game 3 is set to kick off at 8 PM local time.

So this is the fixture, arrange your activities to have some free time so that you don’t miss any game.

State Of Origin Live Stream Free

It is not a secret that State Of Origin matches between Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues will be in three different stadiums. While this is not a surprise but can be a challenge to those who to watch one or are considering the State Of Origin live stream. The first match between NSW and QLD Maroons will be on the 5th of June at Melbourne cricket ground. The second match will be on the 23rd of June at The Optus stadium while the last match will be on the 10th of July at Homebush Stadium.

Nevertheless, here are the live stream channels that you can consider.


FOXTEL is a great option to live to stream the State Of Origin tournament. Established in 1995, as direct cable broadcast TV, they will offer you access to some of the events.

To live stream, you need to download and install the FOXTEL APP. This can be downloaded from the play store.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports has also acquired some rights and now will broadcast part of the State Of Origin. one lucky thing about sky sports is they have a sky GO app that you can use it on your desktop or laptop and watch the tournament without any problems.

Nine Network

They are exclusive broadcasters of this event and they will begin the State of Origin live coverage the earliest than any other channel. You can also access the live pre-game coverage on this channel. It is available as channel 9 on other set boxes.

Moreover, they are accessible either in high definition or low definition. So, you will tune based on your needs.


Here is another option to consider it is the best alternative of the two above yet can be considered as an excellent option to live stream the tournament.

Do you know that you can stream the State of Origin live from any of your devices that can access the internet? Yes, you can use many streaming channels at the convenience of your home. Among the channels are Foxtel, sky sports, and Nine Network.

Among these channels, we recommend sky sports. It is available as an app that can be installed either on your Android or window gadget.

Watch State Of Origin Live Stream Online

Are you thinking about watching this year’s State of Origin live event and now relaxant because of the high fee demanded from your satellite or cable TV providers? If yes, then this section is for you.

There are other cheap and best alternatives, which can guarantee you access to the State of Origin matches. They are non-other than online TVs. This will help eliminate the need for traditional cable or subscription to satellite or cable TVs and you will be able to watch the State of Origin live stream online from anywhere in the world.

Here, let us see some of the online TVs.


This should be counted as among the best channels that can offer you access to live State of Origin matches without paying a single fee.

NRL Live Pass

NRL live pass application is an online streaming service that is available on cable. It is among the channels that you can use to access all the events of the State of Origin at the comfort of your seat. They are using Telstra service.


This is a video on demand online TV provided by the nine networks. It is also a good option for those considering how to watch State of Origin live online without a cable.


Fubo TV is another popular online TV channel that can grant you access to the State of Origin just from the comfort of your home. It supports channels such as channel 9, Fox Sports, and many other sports channels.

They are not expensive, and at only a $45 subscription fee billed per month, you can enjoy your favorite channels. Moreover, you will be able to view your favorite rugby game on iPad, iPhone, Android, or window gadget.

Sling TV

Honestly, this is the cheapest online TV that you employ to escape the need for satellite TV. With this online channel, you will be able to access many channels including those found on satellite TVs at a monthly fee, not more than $25.

Also, it is compatible with a variety of devices ranging from iPhone, Android, window, or Mac gadgets.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is another online TV that we cannot forget to talk about. At only $35 per month, you can access 65+ channels where you can stream most of your favorite rugby leagues. Among those channels, are Fox Sports and Channels that have guaranteed live online coverage of this year’s State of Origin event.

How to watch 2020 State of Origin on free-to-air TV

While in Australia, you can watch the State of Origin live stream using your free to air TV. Though you will miss some games, Network Nine, which is one of the open to air channels, has acquired rights to air part of the games.

Watch State of Origin Live on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Do you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and now wondering if it is possible to stream the State of Origin? Stop your worries, and if you are also planning to buy the Amazon Fire TV stick, please do so. Streaming this event on your device is possible.

Though there is a $40 per month subscription fee, you can access many channels including the sky sport that will provide coverage for this year’s event.

Watch State Of Origin live from Overseas Using VPN

While it can be a challenge to access channel 9 or sky sports channels when overseas, it doesn’t imply that you are excluded from watching this event.

The VPNs are there to help overcome such barriers. Here we look at the best VPNs that you can use to overcome the geographical limit and watch the State of Origin like any other fan.

  • ExpressVPN

The Express VPN is our number one selection for several reasons, it is one of the fastest VPN that you can ever find. Second, it has a more user-friendly interface that will not demand training. Moreover, it has over 100 servers, locations and with its 24/7 customer support, you will have a 100% guarantee to streaming your favorite league.

  • NordVPN

This is another good VPN that you can use to overcome any geographic limit. It has good speeds with a simple to use interface. One remarkable thing about this VPN is that you can use the bitcoin to pay your subscription.

  • IPVanish

The IPVanish is another easy to use VPN intended to help you overcome the geographic limit. If looking for an affordable VPN, then you should choose this one that comes with great add-ons.

Everything you need to know about the State Of Origin

The State of Origin is one of the best NRL tournaments that are usually played in three games. For this year’s edition, the first game will be on 5th or June and will be played at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

The second game will be on 23rd June and will be played at Optus stadium while the last match will be on the 10th of July at the Home bush stadium.

This year’s plays will be covered by chanell9 and sky sports, which are also accessible online apart from satellite TV.


  • Melbourne cricket ground
  • The Optus stadium
  • Homebush Stadium

Last 10 Year Winner

YearWinnerShield Holder
2018NSW BluesNSW Blues
2017QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2016QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2015QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2014NSW BluesNSW Blues
2013QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2012QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2011QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2010QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons
2009QLD MaroonsQLD Maroons

Game Preview

While everybody is sure that Queensland will win most of this year’s matches, it can be a surprise if the NSW emerges the winner. We have some reasons, why we think things can get many by surprise. First, Queensland training has been full of issues. For their counterparts, the Blues have been and still training with no problems.

Moreover, the Blues are far in coaching compared to NWS now.

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